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Take a flight on the CF plane NON smoking please

- - - The Disease Cystic Fibrosis - - -

Cystic Fibrosis  is the most frequent genetic disease in children.

It affects not only your pancreas but also your lungs, sinuses, intestines and possible your liver and you could get diabetes.

Also your skin is very salty (makes great reindeer lick) , you can get lung infections and sometimes tummy troubles or you can't smell from polyps in your nose or eat because you feel sick.

Some of us have a few enemy's (bacteria) in our lungs with strange names is "pseudomonas" or "cepacia" even shorties as "e-coli" or a long one like "aspergillus".

We all have to take a lot of pills like enzymes and acid blockers for our tummy and ADEK vitamins and some of us use a lot more pills than that.

Most of us have a nebuliser , I like to call it my "peace pipe" , a nebuliser is used to spray a fine mist of antibiotics in our lungs to kill our enemy's (bacteria), but their army is strong and smart , so our nebuliser doesn't always help and sometimes they cause an infection.

Then we have to go to the hospital to get a tune - up and we get IV therapy and after 3 or 4 weeks we feel usually much better.

Also we can get out of breath easely and some of us use oxygen and we run slower than other kids.

In hospital we often we have to do a FEV test this is a big machine with a hose and mouthpiece that we have to blow in, i always try to blow up the machine but it never works , the machine always wins.

The nice nurse always helps me to do the best I can and I cant do more than that.

tadaaa we are dancing