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My next car (back to the future).

- - - The CF FUN page. - - -

You might have Cystic Fibrosis when :

1  :  Your biggest room is where you store your medicine's in .

2 : Instead of buying a new car your dad buys the therapy vest.

3 : You eat more pills than food.

4 : You smoke more (nebs) than the malbourough cowboy and your doctor prescribe it .

5 : Your neighbor ask you to bring that seal your hiding to a vet.

6 : You use more toilet paper than kleenex can produce.

7 : In the last year you used 150 meter IV tubing.

8 : The pharmacist rolls out the banner even if you walk by and calls you "my little gold mine" while your name is Hank.

9 : Your insurance goes belly up from your bills .

10 : Your food comes in with a pick up truck.

11 : Your family members keep tripping on your neb hose.

12 : The nurses are your baby sitters since age 1

13 : Even your cat knows where your enzyme's are.

14 : You know how to operate your iv pump better then the nurse , as a matter of fact YOU instruct the new nurses how to use it.

15 : You call the head pharmacy of the hospital and have a discussion about the chemical components of tobramycin.

16 : You are allowed to perform small surgery,s , and your just 8 years old.

17 : The room in the hospital has your own wallpaper in it.

18 : The doctor considers you part of the inventory.

19 : You made a 6 feet piece of art from antibiotic caps.

20 : The hallway to your room is covered with your own design carpet.

How the dice rolls.