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- - - Diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis - - -

Diabetes can happen in Cystic Fibrosis as well.

I`m a diabetic since 1999.

I didn't feel well at all and puke out all the food I ate , and then I got a lung infection , I had a constant thirst and used nearly a gallon water a day.

Then I felt really sick and went to club med and I asked the doctor to do a blood/glucose test and yes my sugar in my blood was SKY high.

So high that I could have fallen into a coma but fortunately that did not happen , however , losing 25 lbs in 2 months was not a good thing.

Diabetes happens when small clumps of cells on the head of the pancreas are damaged , these clumps are known as the islets of langerhans ( Mr.Langerhans found them) they regulate a hormone called insulin.

Insulin transforms glucose (sugar) into glycogen and that is used in your body , if those islets are damaged you body can't transform it into glycogen and you get real sick as there is way too much sugar in your blood.

This means that you will have to take insulin shots , in my case 4 times a day.

It is a bit painful but you get used to do it , and its very important to have a stable sugar level in your blood.

If you feel clammy , sweaty , grumphy and strange things happen with your eyes and you feel very tired and your hands begin to shake.

You might have a HYPO , this is a too low blood sugar and you can solve that by taking fruit sugars and after that a sandwich or other food.

If you feel very thirsty , very tired , and you must pee LOTS and your mouth keeps drying out.

Then you could have a HYPER , a hyper means there is way too much sugar in your blood , you should go to the doctor and let him test your blood glucose level.

You might have diabetes , other signs is a acetone kind of smell out of your breath , and maybe your pee smells kind of funny.

Please don't wait to long with going to the doctor a too high glucose level can give a LOT of trouble.

If you want to know more about diabetes you can click on the link below.

Diakids is a site about diabetes for kids.

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