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ooo what a sweet lil bunny

- - - The hospital aka club med - - -

     What CAN be the reason to get you hospitalized (it doesn't have to be the reason)???

1 : Your sputum test shows a lot of bacteria in your lungs.
2 : You lost 10 % of your weight compared to last checkup.
3 : You cough way to much or you have fever.
4 : You have to much tummy troubles.
5 : Your pfts test is much lower then the last one.


Yes dear friends that is what we all get to hear sooner or later.
Its no fun , you will miss your parents or school and friends.
But your there for a reason and that reason is to get in better shape.
Maybe you cant sleep and don't like to eat the food there .

Here are some tips to think about before you go into hospital.

Take your own pillow with you (if they allow it)
Take your Teddy bear bear or furry friend with you.
If you have a walk man or cd player take it with you.

Those things will make life a bit pleasant there .

Dr Bob takes his whole computer with him :)))).

YOU ARE IN CLUB MED (hospital)

Some hospitals allow you to wear your own normal clothes.
Some hospitals allow your parents to stay with you.
Some hospitals even allow your parents to bring you big macs and pizza.
It all depends on the rules of that hospital .
But you are in hospital to get better.

So i wont hide the things that might happen.

Here we go :

You need I.V. that means antibiotics will have to get in your blood so you need a butterfly needle in your hand or arm veins , or you already have a picc line or you already have a port .

If you are really afraid of needles ask your mom and dad to ask the doctor for EMLA cream , that will freeze your skin and you wont feel much.

The ones that are  not afraid of needles (really i know it doesn't hurt that much) can do without .

Then they will come with small tubing and a IV pump and connect it to the thing in your vein , this pump will be on your side 24 hours a day for as long as you are in the hospital , it has a big syringe in it and will slowly release the antibiotics in your blood stream to kill that nasty bacteria in your lungs .

The pump has a few lights and it buzz a bit , it also has a few alarms ( a tone alarm) if your pump makes noise call the nurse , either your syringe is empty , or there is an occlusion (happens a lot with Fortaz its very sticky ) O yeah Fortaz smells like YUCK cat pee

Everyday a nurse will take your temperature , in my case its done with a neat meter , it has a small probe on a wire and a cover that you keep for yourself , you take it under your tongue and after a minute or two your temperature is taken , there is also a system that has a clip on your ear :).

Also they will measure your oxygen level in your blood this is done with another neat thing , it has a finger clip on a wire , and a red light shines on the end , they place it on your fingertip and it will show how much oxygen you have in your blood.

Both the temperature and the oxygen meter are both pain less and nothing to be afraid of

Also they will do blood drawing once a week to check your levels of tobra in your blood , tobra is an antibiotic that goes into your blood and you will have to blow the pfts test machine once a week and do exercises everyday (i did lots of biking on a stationary bike).
If you were really sick you should feel a bit better after the first week and you can eat more and will gain a bit of weight.