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Jaws 22135

Alex Moore has cf (they didnt tell me his age).

This EXTREME cute girl is named Ashley , she has cf and is 2 years old (and enjoying some food i see ).

I received another picture of Ashley and her sister Armanda , she doesnt have cf.
how bout a ride :)

his is Jacob he is 6 with CF.

Jessie is 6 years old and has cf , these are her cats .

My name is Heather and I am 19 yrs old and living with Cf. The guy with me is my loving fiancee Merc.

Hi bob, I am a 17/m with cf. I wanted to send you a pic of me to put on your website. thank you,

Hello Dr Bob, I'm Bethany-Jade.
I am 8 months old and live near Peterborough in East Anglia, England.
After being very ill from birth I was finally diagnosed with CF at 6 Months old.

My name is Scott and I am 8 years old I have Had CF since i was born.
Here I am with my friend Myriam who is also 8 she doesn't have CF and is much bigger than I am

Send your pictures !!!!!!