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Reach out and  touch

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Life is so beautiful, it is so amazing to me. But people take this for 
granted, how can this be? Some people are so lucky, to be blessed with 
good health and of riches so nice. For some people to have this all, 
they would pay such a price! Being sick has made me realize, what a 
blessing life can be. If some people would open their eyes, the clearer 
it would be! 


Cystic Fibrosis is a disease, 
some people have from day one. 
It sadly is a struggle, 
that is hard and not much fun. 

When you have cf, 
you can't live a normal life. 
You constantly have worries, 
and always lonely strife. 

It is so uncommon, 
not very well known. 
Because it not being common, 
we often feel alone. 

With cf our lungs, 
get filled with yucky stuff. 
But getting the stuff out, 
is hard and often tuff! 

Some of us even have problems, 
with digesting what we eat. 
So we have to take some pills, 
to make digesting complete. 

Because of this disease, 
our personal lives are put on hold. 
But this is all going to change, 
so often we are told! 


As I left the playground, 
in the clear, blue night. 
No one with me, 
not a person in sight. 
I thought about life, 
and dreams so true. 
Then I thought, 
about the things I've been through. 
My life has been battles, 
over, and over again. 
Sometimes I'm thinking, 
when will it all end? 
Being strong, 
and trying to be glad. 
The pain is often so harsh, 
it's just easier to be sad.

Ode to my port 


Oh little bump within my chest 
Do you know how you've put my mind at rest? 
My care is so easy now I just can't explain 
Why I chose to live in so much pain. 

All those needles and I.V.s and PICC lines they said 
Were the necessary tortures in my hospital bed 
As they poked and they prodded I looked on with disdain 
Why, they each simply knew they could find me a vein. 

And they'd try and they'd try 'til the blood would return 
Then they'd push in the meds 'til my arm would burn 
With more weapons in hand they seemed confused by my fear 
"It's really not that bad, now just relax dear..." 

So they tried and they tried 'til my arms were a wreck 
Then they brought in the chief vampire and accessed my neck 
My jugular in fact, and that ran in great 
But the growing concern was for that vein's fate 

"That one's kind of important, we can't let it clot 
If we did then your brain would begin to rot" 
"But I have nothing left, what am I to do? 
Just keep my pneumonia and congestion and flu?" 

Then in came the surgeon with a brilliant new slant 
Why not surgically put in an IV implant? 
"Are you out of your mind? A scar to constantly remind me 
Of just what I'd love to put so far behind me?" 

"But think... one procedure and then it's a breeze 
And after all, you do have a disease." 
So I huffed and I puffed and I pondered this fate 
And I cried and I mourned my lost "mild case" state 

Then I finally gave in and prepared for the worst 
Of the permanent disfigurement with which I had been cursed 
When I woke from the surgery my fears were realized 
As I looked at the bump and how my chest was resized 

And what was this end of pain crap that they preached 
I could hardly sit straight the pain threshold had been reached 
But what was done was done and I finished my course 
And detached from the pain and discomfort at the source 

And I went about my business and what do you think? 
In a few months the huge bump began to shrink 
And the scar eased its flame and before I could fight 
The port became a part of me and began to feel right! 

I learned how to access and to once a month flush 
I took pride in its ease and its ingenuity was a rush 
Then a little while later the sniffles returned 
and all the little airways in my lungs simply burned 
My doc looked apprehensive, it was time for more drugs, 
"No problem," I said, "its a breeze with these plugs" 
So I went through a course without incident 
And for those that are familiar that was quite an event! 

So my little bump, this is a poem I write 
To show you I now can rest easy at night 
Just knowing you're there to protect me from pokes 
And the people that blamed me, you remember the folks 

God answered my prayers, he filled in the gap 
He knew the one thing I was missing was a tap 
And my friend you must be made of garlic I'd say 
Because you've certainly scared all my vampires away! 

"How to feel better"  By April  Harris

Today I'm in bed, 
not feeling so well. 
When I'm up on my feet, 
only time will tell. 
But, until then, 
when I smile so bright. 
I will get lots of rest, 
all day, and all night. 
I will take all my meds, 
get a couple shots. 
I will stay in this bed, 
and try thinking of pleasant thoughts.


As far as my eyes can see 

There are Shadows approaching me 

And to those I left behind 

I wanted you to Know 

You've always shared my deepest thoughts 

You follow where I go 

And oh when I'm old and wise 

Bitter words mean little to me 

Autumn Winds will blow right through me 

And someday in the mist of time 

When they asked me if I knew you 

I'd smile and say you were a friend of mine 

And the sadness would be Lifted from my eyes 

Oh when I'm old and wise 

As far as my Eyes can see 

There are shadows surrounding me 

And to those I leave behind 

I want you all to know 

You've always Shared my darkest hours 

I'll miss you when I go 

And oh, when I'm old and wise 

Heavy words that tossed and blew me 

Like Autumn winds will blow right through me 

And someday in the mist of time 

When they ask you if you knew me 

Remember that You were a frined of mine 

As the final curtain falls before my eyes 

Oh when I'm Old and wise 

As far as my eyes can see 

A poem by Elizabeth Brady

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My feet stink
and CF does too!

To My One True Love

I've signed my life away
I've signed my DNR
But whatever to me should happen
You know I won't be far

I did it to end my poblems
I did it to end my pain
And as long as you are with me
I'll always feel the same

You've helped me through the bad times
The good times and the rough
You stayed along beside me
When breathing became tough

you're my true friend and love
Along with side my brother
And I'll miss you both when I am gone
You were my one true lover

I feel I must tell this
From the bottom of my heart
The fact that I must leave you soon
Is tearing me apart

So when I'm gone and you need to talk
Remember that I won't be far
I'll send a little angel for you
From my new found home in the stars

I'll save a special place for you
Not only in my soul
But a comfty spot on my cloud
For when you are very old

You live your life don't waste a day
There's alot that you can do
And forever and ever nomatter what
There's always me in you

The bad man won and he's taking me away
But it's also ending the hurt
So the day will come when I'm not with you
And my bed will be made of dirt

But don't cry for me now it's a waste of time
Cause dead is the best way for me
It will set me apart from the torturous pain
And I will finally be free

So hold my hand till my very last breath
As painfull as it may be
And let me go where I can finally relax
And sleep peacefully

A poem by Aliah

I am special and unique.
I wonder if grass,trees, flowers, and leaves can understand me.
I hear wind blowing on my hair.
I see dancing flowers.
I want there to be peace.
I am special and unique.

I pretend I am dancing.
I feel happiness.
I touch clouds in the sky.
I worry about people.
I cry when someone dies.
I am special and unique.

I understand how people feel.
I say there shouldn't be wars.
I dream about the future.
I try to be sweet and nice.
I hope there will be peace.
I am special and unique.

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