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Mythical Horse
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  We all have secrets that we don't want to tell mommy or daddy , because its a secret , but sometimes those secret things can make it very hard on you , luckily there is a page you can tell your secrets to


how to use :) place your mouse under the bar and click the left mouse button hold it in and then slide it down and read the secret messages :)

hi i,m dr.bob and i have a secret : i dont always do my nebulizer treatment and i dont always take my vitamin drink (pssssst dont tell okay its secret)

I get scared of losing my sister and brother both to CF in less than 10
years and seeing my parents go through that knowing that one day i will be
gone too..


I have a secret: I cry almost every night, and always ask
why, why was I chosen to have cf?!!

april harris

Sometimes I don't eat my lunch and end up lying and saying that I did eat it.

  sometimes i wish i didn't have to do my flutter for c.f

I don't like to take enzymes or my vitamins Maureen

I am on the new medicine- Tobi. If you don't know about it, it is a very expensive antibiotic. It is still kind of a test. You are on it for 28 days, then off it for 28 days, then back on,etc. Well, you are not supposed to skip a treatment because it can cause your body to become resistant. Sure, it's a great medicine in all. And it keeps me out of the hospital and my PFT's raised 32%. But I HATE doing it. It takes 30 minutes and tastes AWFUL! It takes up a Ton of time. I don't go to school until 8 but I have to wake up at 5:45-6:00 just to do it. So I have missed a lot of treatments. And I am scared to go back to the doctors-I'm afraid they'll no I haven't done all my treatments. My Mom doesn't know either.

Sometimes I pass gas and I say it wasn't me-cause it's soooo embarassing....

sometimes i wish i didn't have to do my flutter for c.f

hi im jonathan and somtimes i lie to people saying something like if they discover one of my problems i lie and make up somthing like: oh i just have asthma or something or if i cough i say i think im coming down with a cold

Why do CF people have such stinky gas? It is so embarrassing! I hate it!


i do not take my pills sometimes.

I don't have C.F., but one of my best friends does.

Sometimes it scares me the way he talks about it, like if he doesn't take his pills for a while he says "oh well, I'm going to die sooner or later".

It makes me worry, and I know that he might die...

i would really appreciate that you not put my name on the secrets page, just the secret. I just had to tell someone because I don't tell my friends.

A Friend of a C.F Patient

Anonimous as requested.

my seceret is that sometimes i do not have my neb. im scared i love my brother so much i do not wanna leave him when i die!! h.j.d **

I have a secret for your webpage... Sometimes when I'm trying to go to sleep but I'm having trouble breathing and know I need a treatment, I pretend I'm far away with good I don't take a treatment...then I wake up later because I still can't breathe...and I try to ignore it so I don't have to get out of bed. I hate having CF...I was just diagnosed in November and I'm 18. CF SUCKS...the air out of you.


I didnt take my tablets for about 7 months and didnt have physio,and now iam sick .iam going on iv's tomorrow ,i wish i didnt because it makes my mum upset.I now wish i had taken my tablets. :<

from Rhiannon age 13

my name is jacob i have cf and i live in australia and im 11 and i hate physio.

You could count on your fingers and toes how many times I have done my breathing treatments in my whole life. I have a very mild case of CF, but due to me being lax and difficult, I finally have to do IV treatments and my whole family is worried. They thought I was doing my treatments all along because they had me do them by myself. (Which I resented by the way. It made me feel bad, like they couldn't stand watching me do it. ) Angie

hi dr bob
im jacob i really hate physio but i have to live with it

i have a port and fedding tub! Taylor, Michagan

Dear Dr. bob, I am 16 from Australia and I have CF. My secret is that sometimes when I am at hospital or at home doing treatment I donít follow the doctorís advice and do what he says. Sometimes when I am on an IV pole and want to do something without it I also disconnect myself from the pole, even though I am not supposed too. On another note, if you ever find yourself without a tissue to put mucus into, youcould use a portable ashtray to spit into! You can purchase them from nearly anywhere! From Rach. PS.

comment from dr. bob YUCK we have special airtight cups in the hospital much better then an ashtray and ehh lol a cfer with an ashtray

Here's to all the CFer's DON'T LET YOUR LIFE WASTE AWAY! My secret is take control of your CF. I am 20years old, in my 3rd year in University, a boxer for 5 years, and a pre famous artist who just got diagnosed with Diabetes (complete with 10 or more needels a day.) Don't hate that you are stuck with this illness, but be grateful for every day God has given you- all I have to say is do you want to let this thing win over you or do you want to live everyday with more inspiration than anyone else can imagine? I am beautiful, smart, and I have an awsome boyfriend who also does my physio- you deserve that! God Bless!


E-MAIL DR.BOB !!!!!!